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Saturday, September 29, 2012

MIAOWIA at Forensic LabOn Friday, September 28, 2012, the Michigan State Police Forensic Division graciously hosted a laboratory tour for members of the MIAOWIA. The tour began with a Q&A session with our hosts Greg Gregoire Michaud and Geoffrey French. At this time we discussed the propriety of retrograde extrapolation testimony, as well as testimony from a non-PhD of the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of drugs other than alcohol. During this time there was a free exchange of ideas as various opinions were discussed and debated. Col. Michaud also discussed with us the goal he has of providing a very transparent lab, including allowing internet access to the various documents and things defense attorneys often request via FOIA, such as chromatography run lists, forensic scientist CVs, current protocols and SOP, etc.

After our class we toured the lab where blood alcohol and drug testing is performed. At this time we were able to actually see the various rooms and storage areas used to process, prepare and test blood samples. Photos and videos were not allowed, but we were nevertheless able to see everything (albeit from the hallway through large glass windows) and during the tour questions were answered.

There is no doubt that this experience will allow members of MIAOWIA to better represent their clients. It is also true that improved relations between the defense bar and Forensic Division are good for all involved, especially the Michigan citizens we both serve.

Immediately before the State Police lab tour, members also toured the Michigan State University National Superconducting Cyclonic Laboratory. This is where the nucleus of a particle of interest is smashed into parts, and then measured and observed. This process is very similar to the process used to test blood alcohol for drugs, albeit on a much larger scale. As it turns out, the small the particle of interest, the larger the equipment necessary to observe it. Thus, while the equipment at the State Police lab for drug testing fits neatly on a desk, the equipment at the NSCL fills a large size warehouse.

Touring both labs in one day added a new and enlightening dimension to the MIAOWIA discussed that followed immediately after.

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