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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

                Attorneys from around the state are set to converge on Grand Rapids on Law Day for the conference “what every lawyer must know about drugged driving.” The event will be held at the Cooley Law School campus in Grand Rapids. The campus is at 111 Commerce in Grand Rapids. “The effort to qualify police officers as basically doctors is the latest wave by law enforcement to tax citizens indirectly through prosecution of so-called ‘drugged-driving’” says Mike Nichols. Nichols is an adjunct professor of Forensic Evidence in Criminal Law at Cooley’s Lansing campus and an event organizer. Nichols adds “I have a pending case with officer Wes Evans, who claims to be the first DRE instructor in the state and what he believes and says about this pseudo-science is astounding.”

                The conference coincides with “Law Day” on May 1st and runs all day on the 1st and 2d. It will feature national experts Lance Platt, PhD and Fran Gengo, MD. Judge Patrick Bowler (ret) will also speak about qualifying experts in “DRE.” Judge Bowler is a certified DRE expert as well. Lawyers may still register with a discount for members of the Michigan Association of OWI Attorneys by simply logging on to the MIAOWIA website at A link to the interview with officer Evans on WKAR’s “current state” program can be heard here:

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